23 June, 2021

The 13th Team

The minnows are the game’s dreamers, ICC exclusion is no answer

Jaison G./Deccan Chronicle
The 13th Team

Give Jr A Helping Hand

  • Invite associate teams to play in first-class competitions of bigger nations
  • Bigger nations should play their development teams against minnows
  • Invite top players from associate teams to train and play in first-class competitions
  • Schedule more games of senior teams against the minnows
  • Disburse money to associate nations so they can offer contracts to the best players
  • Allow 12 teams in the World Cup


“I work five days of the week, almost without exception,” says the Netherlands opener-wicketkeeper Wesley Barresi, cheerfully slumping down on the grass after nets. “Else I won’t survive!” True, modern sport is a full-time job and even an Aussie coach would approve of Barresi’s commitment. Except that Barresi is talking of a commitment less heroic than hitting or catching a cricket ball; he’s talking about putting food on the...

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