09 May, 2021

That Waterfall We Bathed In

The advent of television spawned the first of the ads that were truly Indian in flavour. Pops Sridhar looks at the iconic ones that triggered our common dreams.

That Waterfall We Bathed In

I thoroughly enjoyed Pops Sridhar’s roller-coaster ride of the best advertising in the last 20 years that this country has produced. After Indira Gandhi laid low the tribe of expat creative directors who ruled the Indian advertising industry and they all fled off-shore, it left a nascent industry in the doldrums, as all copywriters and creative directors essentially wrote and dreamt in English. Till then, advertising only connected with English-speaking, convent-educated, city-based consumers, leaving a majority of the vernacular-speaking, and dreaming, consumers to struggle with bad translation from English, with no head or tail of idiom.

Pops’s very interesting journey on 30 second commercials starts with the beg­inning of the arrival of people who changed the Indian advertising environment permanently, forever and forever, making it a unique Indian experience—’The bilingual creative animal’—and so you will find that Indian advertising found its true metier and idiom through the dreams of Piyush Pandey, Prasoon Pandey, Kamlesh...

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