27 October, 2020

That Thing Called Spine

Do we lack it as a people or are only our politicians afflicted with it? Or does the Congress have a patent over sycophancy, Raj style?

Narendra Bisht
That Thing Called Spine

"It's a patron-client relationshipz. Once you have a patron, you can do anything: lie, cheat, steal and get away with it." Dipankar Gupta


"Darbardari or paying court is part of our legacy, we've been bowing and scraping to those above us for centuries." Khushwant Singh


"It's an impediment to modernity, democracy, good governance. You can't be looking over your shoulders always." Andre Beteille


"A leader may be a role model, a pathfinder. The BJP at least has a galaxy of them. Look at the regional parties." Arun Jaitley




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