13 April, 2021

That Perfect Vacation

It's a global scrimmage. If the militia don't get you, malaria will....

Sandeep Adhwaryu
That Perfect Vacation
Elections are over, the new government is in place, summer sizzles the north, monsoon sweeps the south. Time to go on vacation. But where? Our hills are overcrowded and denuded, plains are hot and dusty, coastal areas sultry or wet. Kashmir is dangerous while Kerala drowns under thundershowers. Going abroad is an option for the affluent who wish to escape the dust and heat. But last year, thousands died in the heat wave in France. Austria gasped under 40 degrees celsius. A heat wave in Europe is far more uncomfortable if not fatal because there are no fans, let alone air-conditioners. If you go to the UK, you may get mad cow disease.

It could be equally fatal to head east. You may get sars if you go to China or Singapore, bird flu in Hong Kong. Conspiring with nature and beast to make holidays an excursion into death and danger is that lurking terrorist. Bombs are exploding in some of the finest holiday destinations: Athens, Madrid, Moscow, Istanbul, Jakarta, Bali, Cologne. Bombs may explode any moment in London, their police chief constantly warns. It's advisable to avoid...

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