03 August, 2021

That Jaffna Spook

A Bangalorean theatre legend takes Bollywood by storm with his debut role.

Selvaprakash L.
That Jaffna Spook


  • Airlift 2016 Hindi Belawadi’s George Kutty is exasperating yet endearing. He is the thorn at hero Akshay Kumar’s side, as he insists “paperwork is highly important”. As Belawadi puts it, “George Kutty is right, and that’s the problem with him.”
  • Wazir 2016 Hindi A tiny role, but it’s a Amitabh Bachchan-starrer. Belawadi plays a DCP, another boss who is a stickler for standard operating procedures.
  • Kendasampige 2015 Kannada DCP Suryakanth has very few dialogues and he appears only in a few scenes. But his is the foreboding presence because he’s a bad cop. And, there’s an innocent couple on the run. A sequel of the movie is on the cards.
  • Madras Cafe 2013 Hindi The nuanced role of the drunk Indian intelligence officer stationed in Jaffna, who in the end turns out to be the main villain, propelled Belawadi to national stardom.

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