16 January, 2021

That Guy With The Nifty Quiff

‘It’s Tintin, and he’s in London,’ said Thomson. ‘At Somerset House, to be precise,’ chimed Thompson.

That Guy With The Nifty Quiff

Michael Farr, one of the world’s leading ‘Tintinologists’, tells an anecdote from one of his many meetings with Herge: “In the 1970s, I was at his office in Brussels, and he pulled out this letter he’d received from Delhi. It was add­ressed to ‘Mr Tintin, Brussels, Belgium’. It was from a 10-year-old Indian boy who had just discovered Tintin, and wrote how he loved the books and wanted to model his life on Tintin. Herge had tears in his eyes and said how amazing it was that this boy thousands of miles away was inspired by Tintin, who Herge had created 40-odd years before to entertain Belgian children. He was so moved by that.” That young Indian fan could just as easily have hailed from Denmark, Japan or Colombia, such is the global appeal of Tintin and his stellar cast of eccentric friends, obnoxious acquaintances and the occasional nemesis.

As a new exhibition in London proves, the world does indeed love Herge’s finest creation. ‘Tintin: Herge’s Masterpiece’ features original artwork and models...



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