21 January, 2021

That Flash In Granny’s Pan

In a sense, these happen to be love stories involving strange encounters with food.

That Flash In Granny’s Pan

You’ve heard of gastro or kitchen porn, haven’t you? At its purest, it was first noticed in the film When Harry Met Sally, as Meg Ryan sits opposite Billy Crystal in an American delicatessen and starts faking it. Her gasps and groans are so authentic that the lady across the aisle says, “I’ll have what she’s having.” As editor of a marvellous compendium of anecdotes revolving around food, Mita Kapur knows a thing or two about gastro porn, desi style. Why, she has only to hotfoot it down the streets of the old city of Jaipur, where she lives, and ‘Voila! C’est la joie!’, as one of the maids seduced by the crime writer Georges Sim­enon, a serial philanderer, exclaimed when he pounced upon her. Or to quote Kapur, “To reach into the bag, feel the warm, fuzzy buttery biscuits which collapse into cottony balls once on your tongue—heaven!”

Towards the end of the book, Anita Nair describes an instant when, just before turning in for the night, she hears her mother ask her dad a question. She...



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