29 September, 2020

That First Step

Several leading hospitals in the metros also have their deaddiction centres. So do the police.

Sanjoy Ghosh
That First Step
It’s never too early to seek help. And it’s certainly available, from a variety of places. The techniques used vary widely; some are almost quasi-religious in approach, others are purely clinical. Substance abusers may need to try more than one before finding a solution that works for them.

Some of the best results worldwide in helping people fight alcohol and drug abuse have come through Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): http://aagsoindia.org, e-mail and web links to individual city sites. Bangalore (Ph: 24144029, 56701632);Chennai (24355605, 26441941), Delhi (9811908707, 55684980); Calcutta (22841202); Mumbai (24122203, 23075134).

Narcotics Anonymous (NA): www.naindia.org; www.angelfire.com/in/nadelhi, both sites carry links to other NA centres in India and abroad. Can also be e-mailed: in Bangalore (nabangalore@hotmail.com); Chennai (na_chennai@yahoo.com), Delhi (nadelhi@hotmail.com, Mob: 9818072887); Calcutta (nakolkata@rediffmail.com); Mumbai (namumbai@rediffmail.com).

Though AA and NA may differ...



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