12 May, 2021

That Delhi Belle

Cellphones ring. Five-star rooms are booked. The men are natty. The girls, hep. A look at the capital of sin.

Sanjoy Ghosh
That Delhi Belle

It is through an acquaintance that I meet Narender, the pointsman of one of Delhi's biggest pimps. He fixes an appointment for Friday, 8.30 pm, at a five-star restaurant. Rita, he says, is a "good girl from a respectable family and speaks English. She is a favourite with many of my clients". Even as we speak, Narender's mobile keeps ringing. It's one enquiry after another. "In this dhanda, one is always busy," he says. Before I leave I am told that I should be there on time. If there is any change of venue or time, I would be informed.

Rita is on the dot for the appointment, dressed in a white cotton top and black trousers. Heads turn because she is tall and has a figure which she does not hesitate to flaunt. Pleasantries over, she is a little bemused that I am meeting her only to pump her for info. But she gradually eases into talking about her profession. "Yes, it's a life which I have got used to. Good money and fun," she shrugs. Her clients are mostly businessmen and some of them are even "faithful". Rita has been...

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