01 March, 2021

Test Drive Into The Future

Automobile companies have geared up for the new era of tech-driving

Test Drive Into The Future

In the last week of February, Nissan invited the media to East London to get a glimpse of its autonomous drive prototypes. Audi showcased its piloted driving skills to journalists on a driverless drive from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas as early as January, 2015. The number of cars that are being tested on behalf of ­major automotive brands are enough to jam up a street—except that a traffic jam wouldn’t happen with autonomous cars. A journey that started in the 1920s and gathered speed in the last two decades is now close to finishing at the start line of a new automotive era.

Autonomous driving has become a global buzz anticipated by the public, propagated by experts, and sponsored by automakers and governments. At the World Government Summit held ­recently in Dubai, auto-innovation ­giant Tesla was offici­ally introduced to the UAE and so was a ‘self-driving’ flying vehicle that could automatically carry passengers to ­preset destinations and back. Dubai expects to be at the forefront of aut­onomous ­mobility by 2030,...

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