16 April, 2021

Terrorists Out Of Petty Goons

Black Friday, which was later made into a film, shows the vicious cycle: revenge for Babri triggered Mumbai blasts, which led to the Gujarat riots

A scene from Black Friday
Terrorists Out Of Petty Goons

The Bombay blasts following the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition were an immediate excuse for perpetrating a deadly terrorist act in the country. The ISI in Pakistan had been waiting for a long time to unleash a terror offensive and the demolition of the mosque gave them the best opportunity to exploit the situation and orchestrate a diabolical attack, the worst-ever terrorist act anywhere in the world and not just India (9/11 was eight years away).

The ISI had the gullible Indian Muslims on their radar for a long time and they used the emotional upsurge after the mosque’s demolition to the hilt. There was no way the blasts could have been a spur-of-the-moment reaction to the Ayodhya mosque’s demolition by Muslims in India. Three months (after the Babri incident) is too less a time to execute such a major act of terrorism: serial blasts in 10 locations and grenade assault at two in quick succession. This had been planned for a long time from across the border.

The whole operation was professionally executed and precise; it had the mark...

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