01 August, 2021

Tell Me a Tale Anyday

Reading scripts is a pain. Instead, they should be narrated with breaks, jokes and songs.

Tell Me a Tale Anyday
I find it difficult reading scripts. I wonder why? I am a voracious reader. Book buying is my biggest vice. I even read the books I buy. But when it comes to reading scripts I am daunted. They just aren't reader-friendly. Is it the format or the rules of the presentation of the traditional Hollywood script? (Delete directions that describe the character's inner life, that depict blocking, back story, that give us image, scene numbers and an emotional event. Delete anything but perfect, studio acceptable formats or else delete success.)

Instead, I like listening to scripts. I like narration (or 'narratation' as the industry prefers it. "Let us sit down for a narratation"). I am simultaneously pleased and disappointed and embarrassed and confused and proud about this discovery. This is a recent discovery that scripts should be told. There is something pleasingly ancient about four or more people sitting down to listen to a script "narratation".

What's the difference between some people who gather to hear a story around an office table or sit in true 'baithak' fashion or...

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