24 June, 2021

Taxila Diary

Taxila is not far away from the volatile situation in Swat valley and within easy reach of the Taliban...

Taxila Diary

Of Lessons Unlearnt

A visit to Taxila last week was moving for more than one reason. The many archaeological sites of Takshashila, as it is known in Sanskrit texts, are spectacular. They are well maintained by the Pakistan government, with clear signages and explanations. Our guides were well-informed and—unusual for the species—coherent. Their Urdu was easy and lucid, suitable for a Hindiwali! The on-site museum is excellent. The tourist office personnel were passionate about their sites and sold beautifully illustrated books. The manager was ecstatic when I showed him my copy of Ahmad Hassan Dani’s book on Taxila. Dani, a reputed Pakistani scholar who passed away two months ago, is obviously an idol for them.

Earlier that week, I had visited Lahore museum. Though laden with rich treasures, it is in a pathetic condition. The heritage building has dark, dingy...

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