27 February, 2021

Tarang Arora

The jewellery designer, from jewellery brand Amrapali, on his passion and the need to preserve the Indian tradition.

Tarang Arora

What are the new trends in jewellery?

Yellow gold is back, so are 18k gold lockets with diamond pave. Fashion is becoming more gold-oriented again.

Are there takers for heavy jewellery like the Amrapali pieces?

It's flattering that our jewellery, imbued with an Indian aesthetic, is versatile and is both contemporary and traditional.

Who is an Amrapali customer?

We have something for everyone who is looking for unique pieces—from 16-year-olds to Bollywood actresses.

What is exclusive about it?

The exclusivity of Indian jewellery is that one piece is not made by a single artisan. Multiple arts are combined in a single piece.

Isn't your jewellery exorbitant?

We have silver and gold pieces starting at a few thousands.

You have said you want to be known as an off-beat designer.

Yes, I want to do designs which have not been explored yet. For instance, with my last collection, Dark...

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