11 May, 2021

Taming A Rival

The leadership cracks down on Hegde, Gowda's arch enemy

Taming A Rival
BIHAR Chief Minister and Janata Dal President Laloo Prasad Yadav, willingly lent his shoulder to Prime Minister Deve Gowda and his supporters to fire their salvo against arch rival and former Karnataka chief minister R.K. Hegde—he was expelled from the party on June 13. Putting it in perspective, Laloo Yadav told Outlook that "despite having ignored his previous outbursts against the party, we could not have overlooked Hegde's latest acts of indiscipline and the fact that he was working against the Janata Dal leadership." 

The fact remains that the Gowda-Laloo duo—with V.P. Singh as friend, philosopher and guide—effectively comprises the party leadership today. Gowda definitely initiated the 'oust Hegde' campaign which succeeded a day after the United Front government won the trust vote. But the fact that Laloo Yadav and V.P. Singh have no love lost for Hegde, ensured that the die was cast the moment the move was launched.

Laloo has for long resented Hegde's stand on the JD's social justice plank, and the former Karnataka chief minister has been one of V.P....

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