18 June, 2021

Talvin Singh

On the music he makes

Talvin Singh
What's your music all about?
We amalgamate many cultures in it. It's very headphone music.

Does it represent music in UK?
It's difficult to stereotype British Asian people.

But didn't you start this Asian Underground movement?
Anokha, my club, helped create music that wasn't market-driven.

What's been the club's impact?
Earlier it was only black and white. Now there are more Asian singers.

Who are your fans?
Nerds who download their music.

Your next album?
HA-it's mystic, eerie, live...

Does it have a lot of tabla?
No, though it's my first love.

Your music doesn't sound new.
Nothing's really new in this world.

Your favourite music as a kid?
On one earphone I used to have Bhimsen Joshi and on the other hip-hop beats.

What if you were not a musician?
A vet.

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