20 October, 2020

Talk To Her Nails In French

Priti Patel, Tory MP, ardent Brexiter, lies low after a win

Drive Out
Priti Patel behind the wheels of a Vote Leave bus
Photograph by Getty Images
Talk To Her Nails In French
  • The Background: Priti Patel is an old right-wing Eurosceptic, briefly joining the anti-Europe Referendum Party in 1997
  • The Sound: During the Brexit campaign, she claimed the UK economy would benefit from a withdrawal of employment rights
  • The Reward If Johnson or another Leave proponent becomes PM, Patel might hope for more prominence in the government


Known as a true-blue Tory, the Right Honourable Priti Patel, 43, the daughter of immigrant Gujarati parents, had been in the forefront of the Bre­xit campaign long before Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Lord Norman Lamont joined the bandwagon. After Brexit became a reality, there has been speculation that she may put herself up for the top post of the Conservative party, alt­hough she is too junior for it.

However, given her strong right-wing views, many believe outgoing premier David Cameron would not have been surprised by her support for Brexit. Patel’s father...



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