21 October, 2020

'Taliban' Justice

In the name of Islam, fundamentalists terrorise a cluster of villages in a 'court'

'Taliban' Justice
FORGET the millennium, forget Marx also - mullah raj of the most brutal sort threatens to keep Murshidabad in the dark ages. For, civil law doesn't count for much in certain pockets of this West Bengal district, bordering Bangladesh. In the name of dispensing Islamic 'justice', the Kapasdanga Nazrul Sarat Smriti Sangha, a local club, is handing down unusually harsh sentences on defenceless people of their own faith. The Left Front government is, at best, knowingly silent on all this - at worst, local-level members of its constituents are participating in these kangaroo courts.

The quality of 'justice' handed out at these courts wouldn't disappoint the Taliban. Even for a minor misdemeanour, people are tied to trees and beaten up for hours in public until they collapse. At least one woman has been killed - others have been assaulted by mobs, their families fined heavily; many have lost their land.

The state administration has intervened in some cases, but its efforts have not made much impression on villages like Kapasdanga, barely 210 km north of Calcutta. Here and in some...



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