02 August, 2021

Tale Whisperer

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Gurdial Singh (1933-2016)
Tale Whisperer

Yesterday, Prof. Gurdial Singh ji left his mortal frame after a brief illness. When the news got across to me, I was shell-shocked. Somehow, the impression I had about him was that he could go through any crisis, and yet come up trumps. For that’s what he had done, every time. But this time round, we weren’t so lucky. This time, his visit to the hospital proved to be his last, and a fatal one, too.

A certain gloom hangs over my heart as I sit down to pay tribute to this man, someone whose life was as much of an inspiration for me as his works always were and will always be. My association with Prof. Gurdial Singh ji goes back some two decades and a half. In 1990, I had just joined the Panjab University, when I started contemplating how translation, too, could be treated as a serious academic enterprise. That’s when Gurdial Singh happened to me. 

To be honest, I had never thought that one day I would be known less as an academic and more as a translator of Gurdial Singh. If today, I have an identity as a translator, it’s thanks to Gurdial...

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