21 January, 2021

Taking Down Sacred Pillars

The author, once swept away by the clarion call to fight against corruption, is wiser with age, and reassesses the main inheritor of the movement

Photograph by Tribhuvan Tiwari
Taking Down Sacred Pillars

Corruption is an issue which has over decades been tactfully used the world over by right wing politicians to overthrow popularly elected governments in modern capitalist societies. Independent India witnessed street-­level outrage against supposed corruption twice or thrice; each time, it has eventually strengthened right wing forces till we have reached a stage when the right wing appears inv­incible and those opposed to it seem helpless to fight it effectively.

The upwardly mobile privileged caste, the urban middle class, in particular, has ever so often been impatient with successive governments, more so with the Nehru-Gandhi family, who directly or indirectly steered this country’s fate for 46 years and guided it to a modern democratic state with all-round development in all segments.

How many remember how BJP leaders reacted to the defeat of the NDA in the 2004 general elections? First, there was a general outcry about the possibility of the then Congress president Sonia Gandhi becoming the prime minister, for having been born in Italy, never...



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