17 June, 2021

'Taking bottom-slapping to court is farcical'

Journalist Tavleen Singh recently sparked off a controversy when she wrote in her weekly column in the Indian Express that Indian feminism is not about the "bottom-slapping" of Rupan Deol Bajaj. Such a relatively trivial incident, she suggested, does

'Taking bottom-slapping to court is farcical'

You have been accused of betraying the feminist cause by your article on Rupan Deol Bajaj.

But I have never been a feminist. In fact, as far as the women’s movement is concerned, I am an outcast. I’ve never been part of the sisterhood. I don’t believe in exclusive women’s clubs and I don’t believe in exclusively gender- related issues. I believe that women’s rights are human rights and the struggle for a better life concerns us all, not just as women. Although I was one of the first to report cases of dowry deaths, I have never been part of the women’s movement. As for this case of bottom-slapping, I think it is quite obscene that such a case should be taken to the Supreme Court. There is a different kind of women’s movement going on in the villages which urban feminists are not as concerned with as they should be.

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