18 January, 2021

Syria Diary

What did it mean to be in Syria before 2013; before mercenaries and Islamists surrounded the city and the drum roll of war began...

Syria Diary
Dear Damascus…

It was summer 2010, we were sitting in a cafe in old Damascus, drinking Arabian coffee, listening to music, smoking our hookah. A typical Friday night out with friends, laughing our hearts out till the sun began to crawl up the sky, reminding us it was time to go home. We walked outside with Ms Nada, a successful adv­ocate in Damascus. She was about to drive home to Aleppo to spend the weekend with her family. I looked at her and exclaimed: “You’re driving four hours, 360 km, all by yourself?” She smiled: “Waiel, this is a weekly ritual for me. I go home and come back Sunday morning for work!” “Don’t feel scared?” I asked. “What if your car broke down?” Nada laughed out loud. “Why should I be scared? It’s happened many times. I wave to passing cars. Eventually, someone helps. This is Syria, doctor. Here, we are safe and we help each other out”. Rather, this...



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