17 April, 2021

Swinging Blue Genes

If it had to be a Nehru-Gandhi, why Rahul and not Priyanka? She was the better bet.

Sandeep Adhwaryu
Swinging Blue Genes
Charisma is inexplicable. Though rarer, it’s like intelligence or beauty—some have it, some don’t. There is no logic, no explanation. One child has it, the sibling doesn’t. All saints have charisma. But not all with charisma are saintly. Often the brave and the strong lack charisma, while the insecure and the vengeful are blessed with it. Unlike brawn that can be acquired through money and training, you have to be born with charisma. Yet, it has less to do with genes and more with destiny. Amitabh Bachchan has charisma, his son doesn’t.

The fact is, Priyanka has it. Rahul doesn’t. The most vivid demonstration of this was that famous photograph taken when India won the one-day international cricket match in Pakistan. Indians erupted in joy and the magic moment was symbolised by Priyanka with her hands thrown up into the air, an ecstatic smile stretching from ear to ear. Rahul stood alongside, face impassive, applauding politely. Priyanka was all there. Rahul was not there at all. Like many American women who have bad hair days, it could just be that it was Rahul’s...

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