16 May, 2021

Swim In A Bubble

P3 doors have opened wider to allow the reapers of the new economy. And the media ensures it occupies our interest.

R. Prasad
Swim In A Bubble
Life is one long party, if you were to go by Page 3. Life would, in fact, be a bowl of cherries (without the pits) if Page 3, in both its print and electronic avatars in India, was your only window to the world. This is the land of air kisses and hedonism unlimited: champagne flowing like Niagara Falls, cigar smoke floating in the air like low-flying clouds, caviar and oysters being dished out as if they were mere namkeen.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, trains and markets being blown up by terrorists, or the rise and fall of governments, only momentarily slow down the inhabitants of Page 3. They are no more than an unwelcome hiccup in an unending round of parties, book launches, art vernisages, weddings, anniversaries, film premieres, wine tastings, the launching of perfumes, watches or cars, the opening of gyms, and even shoe shops.

The original Page 3, an invention of the British tabloids, was famous for its photographs of outsize-bosomed sexy women in various stages of undress. Sometime in the late '90s, the term got tossed into our media...

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