28 February, 2021

Swear By Ganesha’s Head...

We ask a cross-section of people about the prime minister’s claims, which seem to be straight out of one of Prof Dinanath Batra’s history books

Swear By Ganesha’s Head...


“We should be proud of our medical science, how advanced our country was at one time. In the Mahabharat, Karna is not born from his mother’s womb, this means there was gene­tic science at that time. That’s how Karna could be born without a mother’s womb.

We worship Ganeshji, there must have been a plastic surgeon in that era who put an elephant’s head on a human body, plastic surgery must have started then. There must be many such fields where our ancestors have excelled.”

—From the prime minister’s official website pmindia.gov.in, his address at the rededication of Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation and Research Centre, Mumbai


Prime minister Narendra Modi says the fact that Karna in the Maha­bharata was not born from his mother’s womb is proof there was advanced genetic science in India at that time, and that Lord Ganesha’s...

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