25 June, 2021

Swadeshi Whispers Too

Resentment at the reforms grows within the Sangh outfits

Swadeshi Whispers Too

Between January 18-20, the rss, reeling from having their swadeshi doctrine jettisoned by the Vajpayee government, called a hush-hush meeting in Delhi. The two main figures were rss joint general secretary K.C. Sudershan, the moving spirit behind the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (sjm), and veteran rss trade unionist Dattopant Thengari, who shot to prominence in ‘98 by sitting on a dharna against the bjp regime’s economic policies. The aim: to fashion a stand on the reforms.

Said a participant: "We’re concerned over moves to allow imports of, and fix the tariff on, products like rice, milk and pulses, to open crucial infrastructure areas to fdi. That’s like handing over our development as a nation to foreigners. Also, there is this wanton disinvestment in psus. All this is causing immense heartburn within the ranks."

Insiders admit that post-’97, when the swadeshi voices were at their loudest, "there has been a complete breakdown in communication" with the government - a fact that has led to growing unease within the ranks. Swadeshi...

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