06 May, 2021

Suspended, In Thin Air

CNG is not the clean fuel it's touted to be. Low-sulphur diesel is better. Especially with Hydrodrive, a local tool that pre-treats fuel.

Gireesh G.V.
Suspended, In Thin Air
CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is NOT a clean fuel. Why then is it being forced on the people of Delhi? CNG, no doubt, reduces visible smoke emission in vehicles, but its emission contains carbon monoxide and unburnt hydrocarbons which are very dangerous—the invisible emissions cause heart diseases, cancer and genetic changes. Studies by the California Air Resources Board have proved this. It compared emissions from a bus fuelled by CNG with those of a bus powered by a conventional diesel engine equipped with advanced pollution controls. The results, released on April 18 this year, states, among other things, that "the CNG bus emitted higher levels of aldehydes, toxic hydrocarbons and mutagens than the diesel bus".

In 1996, the prestigious Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) published in its conference proceedings two important papers by US-based agencies South West Research Institute and the National Renewal Energy Laboratories. The results showed that for the five fuels compared for emissions, the total hydrocarbon emissions were highest for CNG, followed by...

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