25 June, 2021

Susmit Sen

The musician on being with Indian Ocean for three decades, and the recent split from the band for a creative high.

Susmit Sen

It must be a mixed bag of feelings, quitting Indian Ocean after 23 years?

Yes, it’s been almost three decades. We started working on the compositions way before 1990. To be honest, I am looking forward to the future.

Why did you want to move on?

Twenty-three years is a long time. I needed to move on for my own creative needs.

What’s your favorite piece by Indian Ocean?

When you create a song, it becomes your baby. It is impossible for me to choose really.

How is the indie music scene doing?

There can be just two things--good music and not-so-good music. Composers of any genre need to focus on honesty in the composition and longevity. The band should be able to last, not deliver a few hits and disappear.

Who will now step into your shoes in Indian Ocean?

Nikhil Rao, a promising and young guitar player.

What projects are you looking at now?

At present, I am producing an album with...

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