24 October, 2020

Superman Returns

The biggest disaster, of course, is Brandon Routh as Superman. In retrospect, I'd settle for our own delectable Hrithik.

Superman Returns
Starring: Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey
Directed by Bryan Singer
Rating: **

Following closely on the heels of our disappointing desi superhero Krrish, Superman Returns comes as an even bigger letdown. While the entire world might be hailing the film for investing some tender feelings into the Man of Steel, it’s this emotional angle that’s unrealised and tiresome. Superman’s loneliness, despair, unfulfilled love and yearning—none of it is deeply moving. The film plays overly romantic with the Superman-Lois Lane relationship but the romance is tepid and passionless. And in catering to such sentimentality, the movie forgets its real agenda: entertainment, action and excitement. The thrills are of the crash-boom-bang variety which leave you with a headache rather than take your breath away. In fact, the only truly eye-popping moment is when a speeding bullet zips into Superman’s eyeball only to be flattened by his steely peepers. We could have done...



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