14 June, 2021

Superficially Sport

Jerseys don’t make an athlete nor do decals make a car sporty

Superficially Sport

Cars suffixed with the word ‘sports’ are expected to bolt. But in India, sports edition cars are mostly dolts with no extra colts on offer unlike in the rest of the world.

The latest to come out is the Ford Figo Sports Edition, in which nothing of value has changed. It has the regular Figo’s 100hp 1.5-litre diesel and the 88hp 1.2-­litre petrol engines. For a premium of Rs 40,000 over the regular Figo, you’re getting a phony sports edition with no ­extra horses, engine remap or race dynamics. The company says they have introduced a secondary clutch switch, to transfer power more effectively to the wheels, but on the road, the output is not palpable enough.

All you get is a bit of leather on the wheel, red lining on seat fabric, new grille, smoked-out headlamps, a black roof and a stiffened suspension.

Almost following suit, Volkswagen too came out with its make-believe ‘sports edition’ for the Polo GT TSI and TDI models, both rivals of the Figo. The already sporty Polo didn’t carry any mechanical or engine...

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