02 August, 2021

Sunny’s Phase Two

Sunny Deol, private family man and on-screen tough romantic, now turns director with ‘Dillagi’

Sunny’s Phase Two

Tough guys are not supposed to be intimidated by a crowd. And then to go on and admit to that failing candidly. But that’s Sunny Deol, Bollywood’s action hero getting intimidated at his very first press conference.

"I am essentially a shy guy. I did start with a lot of confidence but then just melted when I saw the crowd," he says. But, a little later, he handles the large contingent rather well: pumping flesh, posing with sundry journalists and responding to petulant pleas of, "but you promised me an interview..." with good Punjabi graciousness. There is patience and a willingness to comply. The showmanship is understated, the anger of his on-screen persona absent. Humility is the favourite calling card of the Deol’s and as the eldest, Sunny carries it as a badge of honour.

At 40, Sunny Deol is ready to climb yet another professional peak. This time as a director. It has been an ambition which had taken a back seat for a long time, first as his own career graph was zooming up, then because younger brother Bobby was being launched. Then...

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