12 May, 2021

Sunny Paaji’s Silence

On screen, he speaks his lines like he wrenches water pumps from the ground: with kiloton force. But Sunny Deol, the MP, runs away from speaking. Farm bills give him good reason to.

Sunny Paaji’s Silence

As the typical Bollywood action hero, Sunny Deol was never short of words, always finding the choicest lines to enthrall the audience. Sunny Deol the politician is, however, another story. Often tongue-tied, or speaking in layers. He has found himself in a spot as he has chosen to take a diplomatic stand in the farmer protest—toeing the party line by talking about the benefits of the three farm laws while claiming to stand with agitating farmers.

One of the two BJP MPs to be elected from Punjab, Gurdaspur had embraced him as the son of the soil. Now farmers have announced a “social boycott” of the actor. However, it is not just outside Parliament that Deol is facing the heat. It is believed that even within the House, he is being pursued to give his “first” speech as an MP.

It is known that Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla goes out of his way to persuade MPs, especially those elected for the first time, to stand up and make themselves heard in the House. While he managed to coax most of MPs to participate in debates, ask questions or raise...

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