23 April, 2021

Sunny Gavaskar

The BCCI is a nice club, they pay me handsomely while I am on transfer to my new job...

Illustration by Sorit
Sunny Gavaskar

Let me tell you, dear secret diary, there are spoilsports for every occasion. Indian Express editor Shekhar Gupta could well have stopped his ‘National Interest’ column last Saturday without a postscript, which was quite impertinent, like a bowler appealing for an LBW when the ball was pitched four feet outside the leg stump. I know that IE is not one of my admirers but why rake up old issues, link them with my incomparable commentary and write, “Thanks to Supreme Court activism, Sunil Gavaskar was out of the commentary box. Can that reform be made permanent? We loved his batting but his commentary is as inexplicably dreary as his 36 not out in 174 balls against England in the 1975 World Cup at, where else, but Lord’s?” 

Before taking up the current issue, let me clarify I bat, bowl, comment for my own pleasure. My commentary imparts knowledge. What is a pitch, why did it change, even in a Jharkhand  vs J&K Under-7 match where I had to enl­i­ghten viewers on why the ball reverse-swings only after...

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