02 March, 2021

Sunny Days In The Shade

Gavaskar's friends say he's misunderstood, that Emburey was just a 'proposal'

Sunny Days In The Shade
Why did Sunil Gavaskar propose a lame-duck candidate like ex-England off-spinner John Emburey for the job of the Indian coach? Well, Outlook tried to get Gavaskar but he had gone incommunicado. So we had to ask those who knew him well. A most credible explanation came from ex-Bombay captain Shishir Hattangadi. "I clarified with him and he told me that he did throw up Emburey's name, but only because it had been discussed the last time around too," Hattangadi says. "I don't think he had any affinity with Emburey. If I know Gavaskar, when he sets his mind on making someone coach of the Indian team, he will work to ensure that happens."

Hattangadi said people have misconstrued the board officials' statement that it was Gavaskar who proposed the name. "There is a difference between proposing and suggesting," Shishir says, blaming the BCCI for creating such a perception. "The poor quality of communication from within the ivory towers of the BCCI has been one of Indian cricket's biggest banes. Sunny has always been misunderstood for some...

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