02 March, 2021

Sunny, 50 Not Out

Having crossed his half-century mark, the little master is content with the simpler things in life

Sunny, 50 Not Out
His appetite for runs gave Indians their first bout with self-respect. His 34 three-figure marks remain for us something of a national landmark. It's sad that he turned 50 on July 10 this year. Sad because amidst the carnage in the hills the drums and cymbals remained where they should be, in the closet. The trappings of the celebration might otherwise have been as exquisite and fault-free as were many of his centuries.

These days, having crossed the half-century mark, Sunil Manohar Gavaskar is content to laze around reading the ways of the wind and listening to the steady tenor of the waves from his eighth-floor flat at Mumbai's Worli Seaface. The little master now usually spends his days in shorts, chasing idle urges. Like "let's learn something about the computer". Or even the violin, a fascination for long. Ever since his youth, when watching old Hindi movies, he would disconcert his friends by exclaiming, right in the thick of a song-and-dance number, "Quiet, listen to the violin in the background."

He's often demanded silence. Like when he was...

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