01 March, 2021

Summer's Chock-A-Block

Parasailing, camping, creative writing, pottery. And you call it a summer 'break' for kids?

Summer's Chock-A-Block

Genies seem to have been ordered to stay put in their lamps this summer vacation. Even granny's goodies seem fated to remain locked up in her larder these hols. Supine story sessions, brunches extending into snack time, languorous leave spent at the cousins', incessant rounds of Scrabble with dad and mom... Things once thrown into a sumptuously lazy amalgam called summer holidays aren't the fad anymore. Instead, the two-month-long summer recess for kids has over the past few years, and more so this year, come to mean happening, hectic activity time. Spent by most young vacationers running (or being chauffeured and chaperoned) between camps, treks, workshops, programmes, projects, classes and tutorials: all designed for the urban middle-class child's summer pleasure.

For so great is the appetite among parents for such activities this summer that it has their kids zig-zagging from one skill-learning project to the other. In hot months that are supposed to be a break for them. Fun surely for the kids? "I do enjoy it all but also get tired at times," says nine-year-old...

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