07 May, 2021

Summer Freeze

Prudish I&B wallahs stall a proposed Brit film on Edwina-Nehru

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Summer Freeze

No Love Please, It Is Nehru

The I&B ministry has written to the producers of Indian Summer, a British film on the “affair” between Pandit Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten, asking them to delete portions of the script.

  • Outlook has accessed the five specific objections raised in a letter dated July 27, 2009
  • The film is not based on recorded facts, say the officials. So, from the outset, it should be declared as a work of fiction.
  • No scenes showing physical intimacy should be filmed between Nehru and Edwina.
  • No gestures or actions, or words of love or affection, should be filmed.
  • No kissing scenes should be included.
  • The word "love" has to be struck off from six dialogues in the submitted script


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