16 January, 2021

Suketu Mehta

The author of the award-winning Maximum City talks about his new novella, What is Remembered, and all things Mumbai and New York

Suketu Mehta

After Maximum City, this mini book?

What is Remembered came to be during my research for a book on New York. Fiction fuels my non-fiction. I was looking to tell a subtle story of exile, and fiction was the perfect, timeless way.

Why did you launch it on the Juggernaut app?

As a storyteller, I don’t care what the medium is.

Do you relate with the protagonist, Mahesh?

There are bits that I can relate to, a few memories. But I know of a lot of people like Mahesh who want to forget everything Indian, but have a chink in their armour.

How different was writing the second book?

Obviously, no research went into this one, except for the perpetual “what if I were inside the person’s head”, when I met people.

Mahesh’s childhood memory of shitting his pants, and stinking up the class....

The poop story is every Ind­ian’s story, including mine!

Cities, in your books, are...



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