24 September, 2020

Stuck At Awalagoo

Buddhism, war...the links go back centuries, yet we haven't settled into neighbourly familiarity

Stuck At Awalagoo
Nearly six decades have passed since India and China emerged as modern nation-states: in August 1947, India's 'tryst with destiny' was proclaimed over and its leaders set about to redeem the 'pledge' they had undertaken. Roughly two years later, in October 1949, the Chinese people 'stood up' to establish the People's Republic of China. It was thought to be the beginning of two new dreams, a stirring to life of two nations. It seemed Nehruvian socialism had found a partner in the Chinese, that both were ready to commit to a serious relationship, primarily based on a common 5,000-year ancestry.

This grandiose expectation was soon dashed at the outbreak of the Indo-China war of 1961. What followed were nearly four decades of frosty relationship, marked by mutual suspicion and mistrust. The tide began to turn in the '90s; it gathered a certain momentum in the new millennium. Simultaneously, as both India and China busied changing themselves, there was a sudden surge in debates, discussions and prophecies regarding China and India. The two became...


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