13 May, 2021

Streaming Syllables

People who stammer are taking heart from celebrities who found clear speech

Dinesh Parab
Streaming Syllables

Helping, Listening...

What causes stammering?

Experts are still debating this. Most say it’s largely psychological. Latest brain-mapping research, however, points to a partly neurological basis, programmed by genes. In 50 per cent of cases, it runs in the family; it afflicts three times more men than women.

Who to contact for treatment/advice?

An audiology and speech therapist. Also, TISA runs self-help groups in many cities (www.indiastammering.com). The All-India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore, is the premier research centre for communication disorders.

How to behave with stammerers:

  • Maintain eye contact. Looking away makes the stammerer feel you find his speech unpleasant.
  • Wait for the stutterer to finish sentences. Don’t do it for him.
  • Slow down your speech. Talking fast puts pressure on stammerers.
  • Avoid giving simplistic advice like “Don’t be nervous” or “Just...

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