18 June, 2021

Stream Of Unconsciousness

A liberalism that's just a facade, subsumed under the Hindutva umbrella

Atul Loke
Stream Of Unconsciousness
This saffron book, which is, in fact, a collection of letters by an Indian businessman, is the most candid spelling out of the inner contradictions of Hindu nationalism. The aim of the author is to promote nationalism because it is the precondition to any collective mobilisation for modernising India and asserting its strength in the world. Goradia is, thus, obsessed with national unity which implies "reconciliation" with Muslims.

Yet, he displays his anti-Muslim prejudices without any reservation. This admirer of Savarkar—whose books he read when he was 19—harks back to the old notion that "the Hindu psyche was traumatised with the impact of Islam". He admits that "one should not wallow in the past", but he cannot help dwelling on the innumerable destructions of temples. While the Hindu "is pathologically averse to violence"—as the communal riots of the last 15 years have amply demonstrated!—"the Muslim learns to use the knife, as it were, from the beginning...and is therefore prepared to resist and survive."

Here is another contradiction:...

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