16 May, 2021

Stoop To Conquer

The party is crying foul in Jharkhand. But take a look at its own dismal record.

Jitender Gupta
Stoop To Conquer
BJP's Constitutional 'Sins'

  • Nitish Kumar invited by governor Vinod Pande despite Laloo having the required numbers.

  • UP speaker Kesrinath Tripathi bypasses anti-defection law to ensure BJP-BSP government.

  • Comatose speaker of Gujarat assembly made to sign orders to convene assembly. Orders signed to help BJP.

  • Smaller parties swallowed to help form Manipur government.

  • Congress transformed into BJP in Arunachal assembly.

The moral high ground is what the BJP loves to get on. Currently, it is seething with righteous indignation, giving gratuitous advice to the Congress on misuse of the governor's power. Triumphant at having outdone Congress manoeuvres in Jharkhand, the BJP has now adopted a holier-than-thou posture.

This is quite a hypocritical stand for a party that flouts legislative decorum, and even criminal law, with devil-may-care impunity. Ayodhya and the Gujarat massacre are some of the more spectacular public crimes committed by the BJP. There is also the outrage of the...

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