01 December, 2020

Still Tightening The Veil

Bhyrappa’s fevered hatred of Indian Muslims and their heritage violates his own, bragged principle: truth-telling

Still Tightening The Veil

Aavarana, the best-selling Kannada novel that has been published in many Indian languages, means ‘the veil’. Its aut­hor, 83-year-old Santeshivar Lingannayya Bhyrappa, explains in his preface: “The act of concealing truth is known as ‘aavarana’.... The author’s responsibility is towards the historical truth of the subject on which his/her work is based. When truth and beauty are put on a scale, the writer’s fidelity must invariably be in favour of the truth. An author doesn’t have the moral right to violate truth and take refuge in the claim that he/she is only a creative artist.”

With this explanation, Bhyrappa goes on to write a novel with the sole aim of removing the veil, which, according to him, secular intellectuals and politicians have drawn over the inhuman character of Islam and the mountain of atrocities committed by Muslim rulers over the ages in India. This truth of history, he claims, has been suppressed and falsified in the name of secularism and national integration. His novel, he believes,...



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