03 August, 2021

Still In A Mire

It's nearly a century old, but the Sir Creek issue festers

Still In A Mire

Sir Creek. This name keeps cropping up as a small blip from time to time on the diplomatic screens of India and Pakistan. Somehow, in the din of the dispute over Kashmir, Sir Creek,a far less complicated issue,hasn't got the attention that it deserved. A little flexibility from both sides would solve this problem. That will have a bearing on the delineation of the maritime frontiers of India and Pakistan and open up these areas for economic exploitation.

Sir Creek is a 65-km stretch of marshy wasteland along the Gujarat-Sindh coast. It's a tidal channel, only navigable by small vessels, and then only during high tide. The dispute over Sir Creek relates to two issues. First, the delimitation of the international border along the creek and second, the demarcation of the maritime boundary in the Arabian Sea. The latter depends on the former. Unless the terminal point of the land boundary is determined, the maritime boundary can't be mapped. And therein lies the whole problem.

Without a maritime boundary demarcation, neither country can exploit the resources in the exclusive...

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