03 August, 2021

Steve Waugh

The former Aussie skipper on going global with his Steve Waugh Foundation

Steve Waugh

What will the foundation focus on both in India and worldwide?

It is committed to the identification, treatment and cure of rare diseases and illnesses, primarily focusing on children.

How do you plan to raise funds?

Through donations, self-funded projects, merchandise, sponsorship etc. Besides, our partner iPlayup (a mobile phone gaming company) is also contributing to our projects.

Why did you choose philanthropy?

Meeting Mother Teresa was the inspiration and catalyst to devote my life to charity. Her dedication left an indelible impression on me.

How did you get associated with Udayan?

While in Calcutta on the tour of India in ’98, I got a letter from Shamlu Dudeja. She brought me to Udayan. There were only boys in the home then and I asked where the girls were. Reverend James Stevens explained the focus was on boys since they were the breadwinners for their families. I asked if they would include girls. James agreed. And there, with Shamlu, I began...

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