24 June, 2021

Steve Barron

The father of music videos and director of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was in Mumbai to finalise his next film set in India, Prakash

Steve Barron
Your music videos practically defined the ’80s. How did you come up with so many new concepts?

Most of the time I tried to start from ‘what have I never seen before’. Ideas would then develop purely from inspiration. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t!

What was your favourite music video to do? Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue. Because it meant staying on a beach in Barbados!

How have music videos changed?

Videos in the ’80’s were about treading new ground. Unfortunately, now it seems more about imitation.

What did you think of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remake?

I wouldn’t call it a remake. It is a full CGI animated sequel that makes sense now that technology has moved on. Was a bit cold for my taste.

Moving to Indie films must have been quite a jump. What made you decide on it?

Over the years, my tastes changed and I found myself wanting to make the kind of formula-less and creatively free independents I was watching and enjoying.

Your new movie Prakash,...

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