27 July, 2021

Stay In Your Crease

There has always been politics in cricket, but never the curse of party politics More Coverage

Sandeep Adhwaryu
Stay In Your Crease
If one was asked to identify contemporary India’s three biggest success stories, most people, without batting an eyelid, would assert: software, Bollywood and cricket. How do you connect the three? Once again, hardly a difficult question to answer. All three have been blessed with the fact that politicians have by and large kept their fingers out of these pies. Certainly there’s talk of mafia involvement in Bollywood, surely governments have been trying to give fillips to the software industry, and evidently politicians starting with Nehru have taken an interest in cricket. But never have the politicians dictated what films are to be made, nor have they tried to influence the next IT breakthrough, and never before was the BCCI platform under threat to degenerate into a BJP-Congress battleground. But that is what seems likely now, with Arun Jaitley and Sharad Pawar facing off for the post of BCCI president.

Make no mistake about it, there has always been politics in Indian cricket. A phenomenon which has the capacity to induce global rapture, to engage innumerable...

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