28 November, 2020

Stars Of The Same Stripes

A Janus-faced Pakistan, and a swaggering China, give India-US strategic relations a tougher bind

Narendra Bisht
Stars Of The Same Stripes

Why America, India Need Each Other

  • US wants to ensure China doesn’t enjoy great dominance over Asia
  • Its best bet for a countervailing power in Asia is India, what with its growing economic and military might, and a pluralistic society
  • Good Indo-US ties prompt Beijing to improve ties with New Delhi
  • Also helps India to access American technology to fuel growth
  • US wants India to retain a role in Afghanistan, as also in the emerging democracies of West Asia
  • America’s global vision makes it essential to ignore differences with India to cultivate better relations


As United States secretary of state Hillary Clinton sat across the table from Indian foreign minister S.M. Krishna on the morning of July 19, among the first things she said was to explain why she loved coming to India. She said India was one place where she felt “energised” by new ideas and skilful analysis...



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