03 August, 2021

"Star Lacks Direction"

In just its third year of operations, Sony Entertainment Television (SET) has turned a profit which makes it "the fastest turnaround in television history" and viewership figures that now equal Zee's top-rated serials. CEO Kunal Dasgupta explained ho

"Star Lacks Direction"

What did you do right that Star did wrong?

I think the key is programming. We decided to take the competition head-on, not only Zee or Star but even DD, and give viewers programmes they'd want: blockbuster movies, some smaller events. Then we went on to larger events.

Is SET planning new channels?

We don't need three or four channels. We can do it with just one channel.

Why is the industry floundering?

The profile of the Indian consumer or viewer is changing dramatically. The 18-25 group is the single biggest chunk of viewers today, they're also the most impa- tient. So what they want is traditional values packaged in a modern way.

Will the battle over the telecast of blockbuster movies continue?

You cannot get more than Rs 1.8 crore in revenue, even charging the maximum rates for the maximum ads. I think film prices are going down the wrong path. I won't fight with Star and Zee for prices.

Why hasn't Star succeeded?


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