14 June, 2021

Star Hush Inc: As #MeToo Rages In Bollywood, It's Time Top Actors Speak Up

The #MeToo movement now has given the film industry a chance to clean up all its Augean stables, with or without the support of its big daddies.

Illustration by Saahil
Star Hush Inc: As #MeToo Rages In Bollywood, It's Time Top Actors Speak Up

Mum’s the word for Bollywood biggies even as a sledgehammer of a #MeToo movement has hit the film and entertainment industry over the past few days with former beauty-queen-turned-actress Tanushree Dutta leading the charge in calling out her alleged tormentors.

A bunch of top male stars, apparently fight shy of speaking out if anybody from their fraternity is ever accused of harassing a female co-worker. Howsoever vocal they may be on other social problems, they either prefer to skirt the issue ­altogether feigning ignorance, or come up with evasive replies whenever they are asked about exploitation within the film industry.

It is not as though they are all bound by an oath to speak up. But their indifferent stand has caused consternation among the votaries of a movement that seeks to set many wrongs right in the glamour world. In the past few days, several women have come out to name well-known film personalities such as actors Nana Patekar, Alok Nath and director Vikas Bahl, accusing the celebs of harassing them. Expecting the big guns of the industry to...

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